• Research & Innovation.
  • Precision Medicine.
  • Longevity Tech.
  • Lifetime wellbeing.

Longevity Zone has the mission to help people to add health, happiness, physical and emotional balance to their lifespan, to live as long as possible: Physically fit, psychologically balanced, socially integrated &financially safe.

Longevity Zone partners with leading International players that share and achieve this aim.

 Longevity Zone enhance the development of Translational Longevity Medicine and Wellbeing, by focusing on the translation of knowledge and technology to the real citizen / patient.

  • We lead a knowledge and innovation hub with top expertise in the LZ defined areas.
  • We gather the EU largest network of LZ leading institutions and professionals through agreements with world class institutions and experts.
  • We aim to drive Translational Longevity Medicine in both EU and US
  • We develop customized Longevity Services and Longevity education/training contents
  • We manage our work with integrity, respect for people and the environment..
  • We work as a team with transparent management.
  • We believe in the power of commitment and collaboration in the development of communities and ecosystems
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