Focus in a Healthy aging

Longevity Zone is a company that offers strategic consultancy, development and management services in age management & longevity-related fields.

We seek to bring the constant advances in Longevity to clinical practice, with a proactive, predictive, personalized, participatory and interdisciplinary approach in all aspects related to the management of healthy aging for all.

Our proposals and interventions are both preventive and therapeutic.

ur approach is holistic and includes: 

o Prediction & Prevention

o Age management 

o Qualified professional advice to investors in longevity services / products

o Physical exercise: Sport and longevity

o Sociology / Social Integration

o Real Estate

o Home automation

o Finance

o Legal

o Fiscal

o Environment

o Energies /Domotics)

o Mobility

o Shopping

o Aesthetics

o Fashion 

o Partnering

o New Technologies and Connectivity

o Leisure

o Urbanism and Longevity


We intend to turn the aging “problem” into one of the most promising opportunities of the 21st century, managing the aspects related or directly involved with active and healthy longevity.

We approach longevity based on scientific evidence for persons to live fully in good health and for as long as possible, having an impact not only on individual well-being but improving community health.

We offer

o Detailed analysis of the competition in the specific market and current trends in the region where the project is located.

o Advice on the development of each area: diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, services to offer, etc.

o Advice from the professional team, job description, salaries and incentives.

o Up-to-date theoretical and practical training of professionals and personnel involved in clinics, medical centers, and hospitals for the Longevity and Age Management unit.

o Establish a fruitful collaboration with leading professionals and organizations and companies in the field of Longevity.

o Improve the patient experience.

oBring industry stakeholders together for a discussion on business model innovation to maximize longevity dividends: financial services companies, insurance companies, pension funds, biopharmaceutical companies

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