We strive to increase our society’s quality of life,
using the transdisciplinary approach, conscientiousness, and braveness we cultivate in
the company.

Being a small architectural design studio allows us to put our skills and knowledge to maximum use. We enjoy working directly with clients and having the front row tickets to their business’ success. Our driving force is our clients’ creative ideas, which we gladly turn into reality. We have the courage, resources, and time to take action.

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A brief history of Emmerich Müller

Since Emmerich Müller saw the light of day, we put people’s comfort and happiness in urban living first. We have always championed sincere conversations, dedication, loyalty, and diversity inside and out of our business.

Our goal is to create spaces that give people joy and safety in all phases of their lives, which is why we develop sustainable architectural solutions that stand the test of time.


New office established in Ditzingen, Germany.


Completing an urban design strategy for the Stuttgart city center.


Completing a one-year-long project ‘SHELLS’, for the University of Stuttgart.


LINC Architecture, a partner company of Emmerich Müller was established in Fellbach, Germany.


Emmerich Müller was established in Stuttgart, Germany.


Carolina Hernández, Bch

CEO/Senior Architect

Schmidt has been interested in architecture and design since he was a boy. At just seven years old, he vacationed in Barcelona, Spain, and was fascinated by Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia. More than a decade later, he became a student at the University of Stuttgart, getting a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture Design and Planning. Upon getting the Bachelor’s Degree, Schmidt also got a Master’s degree in Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research (ITECH).

With a transdisciplinary knowledge and approach, Schmidt has established an architectural business that develops complex, large-scale projects with a focussed attention to detail.

Schmidt is one of the Emmerich Müller founders. He founded the company as a studio that identifies, creates, and delivers distinctive architectural solutions that make multi-generational value.

Mobile: +49 34 25 02 08
Email: schmidt@emuller.de
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Dr. Joan Bigorra

Founder/Senior Architect

Director de Innovación del Instituto de Salud Global de Barcelona y Asesor Senior de Innovación del Hospital Clínico de Barcelona.

Experiencia profesional previa : Director de Innovación del Hospital Clínic de Barcelona (2009-2015), Director General de la Fundación Clínic para la Investigación Biomédica (2006-2008), Director General de la División Farmacéutica de Novartis España(1996-2006), Director Médico y de I+D de Boehringer Ingelheim (1995)Director Médico y de I+D de Bayer Healthcare( 1985-1994). Asesor Médico Senior de Laboratorios Esteve ( 1983-1985). 

Doctor en Medicina (UAB) , Médico Especialista en Farmacología Clínica ( MIR. Hospital Clínic de Barcelona ) , Master en Medicina Antienvejecimiento y  Longevidad (UB)  Licenciado en Derecho (UNED), Master en Biomedicina , Biotecnología y Derecho de la UE(UNED) , Diplomado en Health Economics ( Universidad de Thromso, Norway ) , PDD  por IESE ( Universidad de Navarra ) y ex-alumno de Harvard  Business School ( Programa Directivo Novartis).

Es miembro del Scientific Advisory Board del CIBER de Bioingeniería, Biomateriales  y Nanomedicina  del ISCIII .. Forma parte de diversos Comités de Evaluación de proyectos de innovación tales como EIT-Health , MIT Technology Review Innovators under 35 Europe   y  The Collider ( Mobile World Congress ) entre otros.

Tiene una extensa trayectoria como IP de proyectos de Innovación Médica y es autor de numeroso artículos y capítulos de libro sobre el tema .

Mobile: +49 24 73 01 08
Email: jonas@emuller.de
Location: Stuttgart, Germany